Friday, November 10, 2006

The lame-duck syndrome - Haaretz

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This lays it out pretty clearly: what peace in the Middle East might look like and what the obstacles are.The threats are open and frankly stated.

Abstract: In its search for a diplomatic plan that will not evoke the name Clinton, the U.S. administration discovered the Arab peace initiative of March 2002. Someone remembered that the important message that emanated from Beirut was also part of the roadmap. It promises normal relations between all the Arab League states and Israel in return for Israel's withdrawal to the 1967 borders. The two documents offer a just and agreed solution to the refugee problem. The only elements that object to these initiatives are Iran, Al-Qaida, Hamas, and Israel, too. Bush's well-wishers are suggesting to him that he remove Israel from this dubious group. They are imploring him to follow in the footsteps of his father, who marked the conclusion of the first Gulf War with the Madrid peace conference. Will the son listen to them, or will he be attentive to Christian evangelists and Jewish lobbyists, "friends of Israel," who will take the wind out of his sails and remind him how, a year later, they sent his parents home to the ranch and his party into the opposition? READ ALL

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