Thursday, April 19, 2007

Especially for News Links' accidental, new Bulgarian friends

David Seaton's News Links
Over the last few days my tracker tells me that I have had many new visitors from Bulgaria, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the Ukraine, but especially Bulgaria.

Puzzled, I investigated. I found that they had all come to News Links through Google's image search following the string, "fat women".

Terminally puzzled, I continued my investigation. It turns out that what was drawing the traffic was a photo I had inlined of very big lady struggling with her fly, which I used to illustrate a post about ethanol.

It seems the tag "fat women" has pushed aside "Salvador Dalí" and "Porky Pig" for pride of place in News Links', off-topic, search-engine-serendipity Hall of Fame.

So as to make these new visitors, many of whom probably know no more English than "fat women", at home, I have published this photo of the amazing yet cheerful lady above.

And to any of News Link's regular lady news junky visitors who may be struggling with their waistlines and need a little boost for the old self-esteem: Globalization offers something for everyone... Put on your high heel sneakers, put your wig hat on your head, hop on the next flight to Sophia honey... (rim shot) pretty sure ya gonna knock 'em dead! DS

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