Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sunday treat - Chaplin's "bread dance"

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Through the marvels of modern science, this Sunday I am able to offer you one of most delicious moments of 20th century cinema, Charlie Chaplin's "bread roll dance" from the "Gold Rush".

The film was made in 1925. Over the centuries there must have been many hugely funny people, clowns who amused their friends in the same way Chaplin does in this routine and when the last witness to their performance had died, the magic died too. But Charlie Chaplin's bread dance will live "forever".

Hopefully our descendants will still be laughing at it in 2107, when only history buffs will have a clear idea of the difference between 1925 and 2007. DS

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Anonymous said...

"Charlot" was a an icon of South Vietnamese pop culture in the early '60's...they also adored "Batman"-the TV show, and John Wayne's "Alamo".