Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Iran.... My true confession: yes, we have no bananas

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It's "Semana Santa" in Spain, Easter week. Thursday though Monday (Monday too in Barcelona) are holidays. Many people take the week off and travel and Good Friday is a total, everything shut down holiday, like Christmas, even Friday night... This means there are no newspapers published on Saturday. As my column appears on Saturdays, that means I don't have to write this week. Whew! What a relief.

If I did have to write, I would have to write about Iran and the Middle East and it is so confusing at the moment.

What my antenna are picking up, though, is that we are entering the most dangerous period that I can remember since the Cuban Missile Crisis. However that crisis was so stark, so clear, the players so few, the stakes so obvious, that the whole world sat on the edge of their seats, fingers crossed, "a pissin' and a prayin'"... a child could understand it.

But to analyze the situation in the Middle East at this moment is like standing at an open window trying analyze the flying contents of a pail of garbage that someone is dumping out of a higher window... it's all so mixed up, the coffee grounds with the banana peels.. and all moving so fast... better wait till it all hits the pavement and then pick through the mess at leisure... if that's to your taste.

I will give it a try in the next few days and am collecting material to that effect, but I confess to enjoying the lack of deadlines like a well fed pussycat curled up in the sunshine. DS

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