Monday, April 30, 2007

Iraq: a crime unpunished, a death star born

"There is no alternative to getting out. Simply getting out as rapidly and efficiently as possible" - William Pfaff
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I'm having trouble working up any enthusiasm for the "electable" Democrats running for president... Not one of them talks frankly about the criminal responsibility of destroying Iraq and setting the Middle East ablaze. Is everything supposed to go on as if nothing had happened? Is this to be treated as simply well intentioned incompetence and the page turned?

In fact, self-examination and accountability are essential if the United States is not to become a political black hole or death star. Germany had the great good fortune to be denazified by foreigners, but the USA is going to have to do it all by itself. DS

William Pfaff: Ending One War, Launching Another
Abstract: President George W. Bush’s reinforcement of American forces, announced at the start of the year in the guise of a final “surge” to “victory,” has merely displaced the sectarian attacks from one place to another, while doing nothing to solve the crisis that is destroying the Iraqi nation: inspiring sectarian murder on a huge scale, and sending its elites -- and others – into exile, or more likely, eventually, to refugee camps. If this goes on, when we Americans leave, there will be no Iraq, in any meaningful sense. We will have murdered the Iraqi nation, as nation (-- “to save it”). There is no alternative to getting out. Simply getting out as rapidly and efficiently as possible, with as much political help (or otherwise) as can be found from other governments in the region, who have an interest in containing the crisis. But getting out. No bases or troops left in Iraq. No new bases nearby. Hands off Iraq’s oil. Is that possible? Personally, I doubt it. It goes entirely against the interventionist mind-set and globalist strategy convictions that have dominated Washington for the last four decades. But without this, the region is left ablaze. Even the congressional opposition, which wants to get out of this war, proposes a beginning in October, a finish a year or so on, debating departure as if a perpetuated American presence of some kind is necessary to whatever solution may actually exist. If we leave now, or leave completely, there will be chaos! There is chaos now. The crucial factor in precipitating this terrible situation was the American invasion, and the principal factor in its continuation is the continued American presence in that country. When we leave, what follows will be the Iraqis’ responsibility. For any solution to be possible the United States must leave. For any solution to be possible the United States must leave. This certainly may be followed by intensified violence in the immediate term, but no long-term resolution of the civil struggle is imaginable with American forces still there. They haplessly stand by, witnesses to the conflagration George Bush and his colleagues have loosed. Democrats as well as Republicans in Congress cling to the belief that the American intervention was well-intentioned, and therefore American good intentions could still be a positive force in the country. READ IT ALL


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful world we live in, eh? It doesn't get much better than my life. I can pick and choose between so many things, it's almost overwhelming.

So I really have to protest the picture you used at the top of this most recent post. I almost lost my PP&J sandwich...How can I go on with my beautiful life with that image stuck in my head?

My Dear Leader doesn’t want me to see these images. Hell, he doesn’t want me to see caskets. Seeing a guy screaming ‘cause his leg got blown off, well that’s just un-American. Dead people don't move. They just lie there. Caskets make us sad, but if they’re draped in a flag we can feel better knowing that the life given was for freedom and democracy.

And so it goes with the leaders we have. No visible signs of outrage. One must not be seen as shrill for God's sake. "It's hard work".

You bet there’ll be no real justice brought to bear on the people that enabled this, the latest in American Manifest Destiny.

I'm stealing this form a column in this mornings paper written by a former human and CIA head, Michael F. Scheuer, writing about George Tenet’s book..." He [Tenet], seems to blame the war on everyone but Bush...Tenet’s attacks focus instead on the walking dead, politically speaking: the glowering Cheney; the hapless Rice; the band of irretrievably discredited bumblers who used to run the Pentagon, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Dougles Feith; their neoconservative accoyltes such as Richard Perle; and the die-hard geo-political fantasists at the Weekly Standard and National Review.”

“They’re all culpable...”

To which I would add. “May they all burn in Hell.”

David Seaton's Newslinks said...

Here is the link to Scheuer's article