Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bush Boffo in Albania

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Bush's reception in Albania reminds me of a story ex-movie star, Michael York, charmingly told on himself a while ago at a dinner I attended here in Madrid.

Michael York and his wife Pat visited Myanmar (Burma) as tourists and suddenly, there he was being mobbed by hundreds of fans from the moment he went through customs till the moment he left the country, just like his "Cabaret" salad days of the 1970s... since he had been out of the limelight for years and years and could by now move through the world's airports and streets with ease, he was totally mystified.

It turned out that, due to international sanctions placed on the Burmese dictatorship, the only movie that had been playing in Rangoon for several years was an old film of his, so in fact... he was the only movie star in the world for the people of Burma!

Somehow Bush's reception in Albania reminds me of Michael York's story, with the huge difference, of course, that Michael York is a talented actor and a very nice man, who isn't responsible for anybody's death or mutilation anywhere.

In the defense of the Albanian people, I imagine that after decades of Enver Hoxa, even George W. Bush might look good... who could know?

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