Wednesday, June 27, 2007

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Septic tank
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I just received the note below from informing about their mega-exposé of the "tanks" and I thought I should pass it on to my readers. It seems a very worthwhile effort. The "Think Tank" industry has totally debased America's political thought. As a simple test of this assertion, try to imagine Benjamin Franklin, William James, John Dewey or Ralph Waldo Emerson working for a think tank to realize how far we have fallen and how decadent we have become. DS

I thought you might enjoy these pages that we've put together to promote our Media Transparency Web site, which tracks the billions of dollars doled out by conservative philanthropies.

Neo-Conning the Media

Fox's Rich Heritage
In the Tanks

Where the Money Leads

We could really use your help to spread the word. To that end we've also created twenty graphics that can be used as blog posts, public service ads, or just to ridicule nefarious characters like Richard Perle and Sean Hannity and a host of others...

Promo Page Promo

Any assistance, including forwarding this e-mail, would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Tronnes

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