Saturday, November 04, 2006

Borat: "Weird Al" Yankovic from hell?

With a terrible war, whose motives and origins are still so mysterious and confusing - daily spinning more out of control -
there is something self-indulgent, to the point of obscenity, about such a huge dose of ethnic humor. Part of the problem the 'west' is having in dealing with the Islamic world, which is on fire from the sort of photos on the left, is to avoid converting moderates into radicals and radicals into activists. If endless war with 3.5 billion people is the objective, this film will help. Is that the idea? My instinct (what dubya calls his 'gut') tells me that an important part of what caused the war to happen in the first place and is causing the war to be lost, is in the mentality behind this project and behind the people who pay money to enjoy it. David Seaton's News Links

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Anonymous said...

i disagree. this is an anti-racist movie that is both funny and politically smart. over and over again, he reveals the difference between humour and the deep racism that permeates American society. go and watch the movie and you'll have a different perspective.