Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote Early! Vote Often! - Martin Rowson - Guardian

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Seaton, thanks for your new, interesting blog, it was pointed out to me by Juan Cole's "Informed Comment." But let me suggest that it needs two more things that are really indispensable for any blog these days: 1)The blogger's (i.e. your) e-mail address - I shouldn't have to resort to this comment space to send a message like this, and having a blog unavoidably means being interactive to some extent. No need to worry about jamming up your main or personal address with readers' reactions or spam, it's easy these days to get another one you can use for that. 2) An RSS feed - more and more blog-readers use an RSS reader to get new entries from and generally monitor the blogs they're interested in, meaning on the other side of the coin that those without RSS feeds risk simply disappearing off the public's radar screens as more and more people take up this handy technological advance.