Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bush: the most public failure in the history of the world

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To fail utterly at the presidency of the United States because one is totally lacking in all the qualities or the knowledge to do the job is to fail big time. It is almost impossible for anyone to fail so miserably. To be in such a job and with no idea of how to go about it is the stuff of nightmares: in deadly danger and unable to move. Men have failed at the job because of bad luck, like LBJ or Carter. Others have done a workmanlike job, but miscalculated politically like Bush senior did. Nixon, who was perhaps the most intelligent man to sit in the White House in the 20th century, failed because of his damaged personality. But not one of the above was an incompetent, ne'r do well and all had solid achievements to point to in seeking the job. Wisdom or even common sense would warn against taking on such a challenge; many men and women, and not by any means the worst, would shrink from it. We are looking at literally the most public failure in the history of the world. We can only hope Bush is too dumb or too deluded to realize how bad it is. He has the atomic bomb... missiles... chemical weapons, biological weapons... people are laughing at him... soon they will be laughing in his face. May God have mercy on us all. DS

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