Friday, December 08, 2006

Watch Hillary

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Hillary Clinton is the weather vane of American politics, the consummate professional who crafts everything she says or does to a very sophisticated (and expensive) reading of all the pressure groups, polls, niches and think tanks. She always seeks to be perfectly positioned on every issue, perfecting the Clinton trademark, "triangulation". For Hillary the Baker-Hamilton report presents a horrible problem. On one side is public opinion, that is to say; living, breathing voters and the foreign policy establishment: their consensus is talk to Iran and to hold a regional peace conference to settle Israel/Palestine. On the other side is the most unpopular president in living memory and of course, the neocons (Murdoch owns the Weekly Standard) followed by AIPAC and behind them the Israeli right wing; all of whom want to attack Iran. This is impossible to triangulate. Here, on one side, we have the weight of public opinion finally focused on reality and on the other side a pressure group famous for its power. Voters on one side, financing and press coverage on the other. A 'perfect storm' for a political hack. To really follow what is happening now, to know which way the wind is blowing, watch Hillary. Following her in the next few days and weeks may be comic as she whipsaws around this issue trying to find the perfect fix. DS

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