Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Christmas story - #1

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I couldn't risk your missing it. More than a tip of the hat, this is reprint ripped off directly from megablogger, "Lawrence of Cyberia's" post, complete with a fantastic drawing by "Mr Fish" of Harpers Magazine and this wonderful quote by my favorite American politician, Dennis Kucinich, who, because he speaks nothing but good sense and has lousy hair, is considered a hopeless nut. DS

While it is natural and appropriate for Americans to first focus upon the deaths of American service members in Iraq, it's astounding to consider that for every service member killed, 200 Iraq civilians have been killed....

What are the short-term and long-term implications of this massive number of deaths to Iraqi civil society? Will the millions of Iraqi children who have lost a parent ever forgive our country for igniting this violence? How do we make peace with the generations of Iraqis severely harmed by this unnecessary war of choice?

-- Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Congressional Hearing on Civilian Casualties in Iraq, 11 Dec 2006. (via Informed Comment).

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