Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Middle Eastern crash and burn - Zbigniew Brzezinski

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Before going any farther it is important to warn readers that Zbigniew Brzezinski was one of the prime intellects behind arming Wahabi extremists to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. However, errors when meditated upon are the best of teachers and It looks like Mr. Brzezinski has got it straight this time. Certainly the issues in the Middle East are being defined clearly for the first time and even the US relationship with Israel is being timidly questioned. A beginning? Again, errors when meditated on are the best of teachers. DS
Abstract from the Financial Times: In Iraq (except for Kurdistan) real power is not in the hands of the Iraqi politicians resident in the US-protected Green Zone in Baghdad, any political solution must engage the Shia theocracy, with its militias; and that the longer the American occupation continues, the already declining US influence in the Middle East will give way to regional extremism and instability, especially if continuing indecision over the basic strategic choices in Iraq continue to be matched by US unwillingness to address the negative regional consequences of Israel’s prolonged and increasingly repressive occupation of the Palestinians. The combination of the two has already elevated Iran’s geopolitical power in the region. Hence the need of the moment is not for tactical tinkering or long consensus reports. Can one imagine Charles de Gaulle in the late 1950s waiting weeks for a long study by French public figures on how to end the Algerian war that was damaging France’s national unity and international reputation? Leadership derived from a sense of history requires sometimes the cutting of Gordian knots, not tying oneself up in knots. The president, and America’s political leadership, must recognise that the US role in the world is being gravely undermined by the policies launched more than three years ago. The destructive war in Iraq, the hypocritical indifference to the human dimensions of the stalemate in Israeli- Palestinian relations, the lack of diplomatic initiative in dealing with Iran and the frequent use of Islamophobic rhetoric are setting in motion forces that threaten to push America out of the Middle East, with dire consequences for itself and its friends in Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. READ IT ALL

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