Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Litvinenko meets Sherlock Holmes - Chapter - 2, the plot thickens... and why not?

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As we learned in the previous episode, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, after knocking back a celestial English breakfast in a foggy corner of paradise, have been visited by the Archangel Gabriel on urgent business from his "employer" who is puzzled by the "Litvinenko affair". DS
As we rejoin them, Watson is reloading his pipe and Holmes is serving Gabriel with another smoked kipper. At this moment their faithful but ghostly housekeeper, Mrs. Hudson hands him a note.
On reading it, the great detective's aquiline face barely conceals his evident excitement, "How perfectly extraordinary!" Holmes exclaims as he leaps to his feet, "Listen to this item that Mrs. Hudson just heard on the BBC" "Small traces of a radioactive substance have been found at the British embassy in Moscow following a precautionary check, the UK Foreign Office has said. " My dear Gabriel, to put my mind at ease, do please, confirm that Professor Moriarty is in fact in residence on the lower floors. This embassy business has his touch, if anything ever did."
To be continued

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